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Brighter Futures Begin with Brighter Beginnings...
During this 8-week live and interactive course, we're helping families create and launch a podcast for business or pleasure. During our time together, your kids will learn real-world, marketable skills to buy a car, pay for college, and more...side by side with a pro podcaster and her 11-year old co-creator.

This LIVE and interactive course is ONLY

when registered by 4/1/18 at 12 PM PST
What can my family expect to learn?
In just 8 weeks, Daphne (my 11-year-old) and I will walk you through:
  •  The Whys and the Hows of creating a podcast with your family 
  •  Creating your podcasting success plan
  •  Software/Hardware 
  •  Assembling a podcast launch team
  •  Marketing, promoting and branding your podcast
  •  The quickest and easiest ways to record your podcast
  •  How to create and edit a podcast including the intro (welcome section) and the outro (call to action section)
  •   The easiest way to create graphics for the Podcast Cover and episodes
  •  The Steps to preparing a podcast for major distribution channels like iTunes and Stitcher Radio (so anyone in the world can listen)
  •  How to repurpose your podcast so you're not creating extra work for yourself (you'll get our personal podcasting workflow)
  •  How to track podcast listeners even if you don't have a website!
Can you imagine the amazingness you and your kiddo can create by learning to Become a Podcasting Family? We sure can! Click the ORANGE Button to register.
Can you break down what's included?
I have questions...
  •  Where is the workshop held? At YOUR house via the internet.
  •  How much time do we need outside of class? It depends. Everyone learns at a different rate. Daphne, for example, spends approximately 1-2 hours per week prepping our podcast. 
  •   I can't attend live, can I get a recording. Absolutely! It is recommended you attend live as often as possible to ensure your questions or challenges get answered when the arise. The entire course will be housed in a membership site for access any time you need. 
  •   Is this class pre-recorded? NO. This class is being offered LIVE and it may be the ONLY time we do so. With that being said, there will be additional pre-recorded videos inside the resource library.
  •  What day & time is the program? The workshop is held on Mondays and Thursdays at 3:30 PM PST (except for April 26. Our study hall session will be held on Saturday that week). 
  •  How long is each meeting? One hour
  •  What if now isn't the right time for me or my family? I totally get it. As a mom and business owner, there are lots of demands on our time and resources. Every day we all have tons of choices to make. Here's what I'll say (and it's a little tough love). Life happens and there's no perfect time to start your podcast. I don't want you looking back 6 months or a year from now and a podcast is still on your "wish" list.
  •   What ages can participate? The whole family. Tween/Teens are more than capable of handling the technical aspects of your podcast. Younger kids can participate in audio recordings, brainstorming, etc. The way in which your family chooses to create your podcast (i.e., who performs which tasks) is completely up to you.
  •   Do we need any special equipment? Access to a computer and internet. You'll get a complete list of tools you'll need.
  •  Who's teaching the workshop? Miss Yong, a seasoned podcaster, and 11-year-old podcast co-creator, Daphne, will work alongside you and your kiddo.
  •  Do we need any special equipment? Access to a computer and internet.
  •  What software/hardware do I need? You'll get a full list of software and hardware tools inside the course membership site.
  •  What is the investment? This workshop is $497 for the whole family (mom, dad, sibilings). Since this is the very first time this workshop is being offered in its entirety as an 8-week virtual course, you and our kiddos can participate for        only $397 when registered by 4/1/18 by 12 PM PST.
  •   Can my kids really earn money for college learning podcasting? Yes! Members of Becoming a Podcasting Family may choose to work inside your own business or others and get compensated for their work. In fact, Daphne has been offered a job opportunity ouside of our business using the skills she's learned through our podcast.
  •   Do you offer a payment plan? Yes! A two-payment plan is available. Each installment is $247 - the first due at registration and the second in 30 days. Please contact Yong directly at for access to the payment plan.
SAVE $100 when registered by April 1, 2018 at 12 PM PST. 
Click the ORANGE button to save your spot.
More Reasons Why Become a Podcasting Family 
is a priceless investment:
  •   Create scrapbook worthy memories (as Daphne calls them) with your kids
  •   Work snuggled up, side by side with your kiddos
  •   Celebrate with your kids as they learn real-world marketable skill!
  •  Podcasting skills can be highlighted on college applications, interviews, and more! 
  •   Feel great knowing that these podcasting skills can help your kiddos earn real money for college and beyond  
Snuggle time awaits the orange button to save your spot.
Did Someone Say Bonuses???
Absolutely! When you register for Becoming A Podcast Family
by 4/1/18 at 12 PM PST here's what you'll get

  •  2-15 Min Zoom calls with Yong - one in April and one in May (Value = $157)

  •  One month Podcast Sponsorship of Our Young Creators valid for up to 3 months post course - align it with a launch of your own product or service for maximum benefit (value = $300)

  •  A featured podcast interview on Our Young Creators Podcast which we'll promote to our listeners, across social media, and in email (Value = priceless)

  •  Bonus Training and financial spreadsheet with my personal financial mentor, Candie Conat. Being able to understand the income and expenses of a podcast are integral to success. Learn how to track income and expenses with Candie and let's start building financial literacy for our kids (and ourselves). Value of Financial Literacy for the Whole Family = Priceless

  •  Bonus Training with Parenting Expert, Karen Delano. In this bonus training, Karen will guide us through how NOT to raise a tech addict. Value of connecting with and teaching them to be smart users of their devices = priceless
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